Anna Blochberger

About Me

Welcome to my site, I am a freelance photographer, model and make-up artist currently stationed in West London. I have been involved in fashion and beauty for over 10 years, which makes it both my passion and my profession. I started as a model at the age of 17 and through that developed interest in creating unique make-up and seeing life through the lens.

I first collaborated with professional photographers in New York and Florida, where in 2007 I assisted at numerous photo shootings, gaining experience both behind the camera and in the make-up studio. Results of my work were later published in Magazine »Gentle Latina« and several modelling portfolios.

After moving to London in 2010 I continued pursuing my passions and am now focusing mainly on photography. As a creative person I always tend to think outside the box and am excited to bring ideas to life with the help of the camera. I believe nothing is impossible so let’s create the best we can together!